Traveling Tips

Traveler’s Blueprint

These are some travelling tips for those average travellers that are planning for a vacation, holidays or a trip anywhere. Going to somewhere outside your safe zone can be difficult, you could experience some difficulties if you forgot to bring along some important documents or items. That’s why I’m helping you out to make your journey easier yet comfortable. These are some pointers that would help:

• Plan your journey at least one week ahead so you won’t be stressing out yourself during the last minute.

• Create a checklist of what to bring along during your trip. Here’s some good advice, when doing a checklist it is good to look around your house e.g. toilet, kitchen, garage, bedroom and etc. to make sure you know what to bring.

• Prepare your travelling documents such as your passport, your airline tickets, your wallet and most of all your NRIC as you don’t want anything to came up during a custom check don’t ya?

• Plan your route if you are travelling with a vehicle, plan the suitable and safe route for your journey to prevent you from lost in nowhere.

• Bring power backups such as battery, travelling charger, flashlight, and somehow lighter would also help you in some cases.

• Reserve some medicine such as Panadol, aspirin, bandage, and etc. to make sure your self is in good condition during the whole journey.

• Have some knowledge of the place you are visiting if it’s your first time. This can be helpful for you to know what to do and what to avoid.

• Lastly, have a nice rest a day before your journey so you won’t be so tired on your journey the next day.

Hope these tips help you travellers a bit in managing your journey and help you reach your destination safely. May I remind you that the checklist is the most important part in the journey “blueprint” as it helps you prepare your luggage or backpack.

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