Travel Guide Tips for India

Travel guide to India

The travel guide is a brief tool which explains what to carry and what to do once you are India.

Rule 1 
Donot wear warm(woolen) clothes as the weather in India is almost sunny and very warm . During the day avg temperates are between 70 F – 90 F. Always safe to carry cotton clothes and flip flops and a hat. Hand Sanitizer can always be useful

Donot give money especially dollars to anyone whom you dont know as it creates a urge for others also to keep asking you dollars. Please say no or nahi in hindi

Stay away from strangers if you feel any stranger is following you dial 100(police) they will be quick to respond and help you.

Donot try to drive a car in India as it can be very dangerous. If you go bump into someone they will make a big mess and demand lots of money from you. Avoid driving you can hire a drive for $20 dollars a week.

Stay away from hitch hickers. Hitch hickers can be very dangerous in India.

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