The Road We Travel

A quiet comfort, so serene
A child sleeps, inside a dream
Amazing love as parents watch
Joyful hearts that these dreams touch

Staring idly into space 
This child now grown, will seek his place 
Aspirations of great success 
A young life, an unsorted mess

Successful now, making his mark 
An adult in life, comes out of the dark 
The hopes and dreams, they all make sense 
The goal it seems, is remembrance

Its quiet again, it feels serene 
Grandchildren stare in wonder, at what it might mean 
The time has come, to retreat into the dark 
To open the door, for the next to leave their mark

Everyday in our lives, we hustle and bustle to make sure our deadlines are met, our bosses are happy, our car has fuel. We need to all take a moment to remember who we are, where we came from, where we are going, and those who paved the road we currently travel. This is your only life. Make it a freshly paved road.

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