Must-Have Tech Gadgets for Travelers

So you have your bags packed, already bought your plane ticket and you’re ready to go. But before leaving the house, you have to choose what tech gadgets to take with you and what to leave behind. 
I am not going to list the mobile phone in here, as I think it is really too obvious and most people won’t leave their house without it, even if they’re going out for an hour!

Universal Charger

It’s not important if you’re going on a job trip or on vacation, you will always need chargers for all your phones, tablets etc. You always double check that you got all the charges, but when you arrive at your destination, you notice that you left one behind! This is why I would rate a universal charger as a first must-have gadget in your luggage.

GPS System

Another gadget you should not miss is a GPS. No matter if you’re going in an unknown new place or in a city you visit a lot, a GPS system can help you find everything easier and faster. Forget the times you had to wander around with a traveler’s map and ask people around for indications, just ask your GPS what you’re looking for, and even if you’ve been in a town many times, you will probably be surprised to see how your GPS points out a famous landmark nearby that you didn’t know about.


Now that you know how to get where you need to go faster, you will have more time and will want to check your email, your social profiles, or post something on your blog. Don’t carry around a fastidious heavy laptop, get a tablet instead. You don’t have to spend a fortune for owning a small light tablet. There are many types of them on online marketplaces which cost less than $100, so if you still don’t own one to carry on your trips, I would definitively advise to get one.


If you’re having a great time on your trip, don’t depend on your memory to remember how you felt. I always take my camera with me and tell everybody who’s going on a trip to do so. A photo is like engraving a moment of your life, so take a camera with you!

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