The Best Fishing Times: Determining the Best Time to Be on the Water Fishing

There is a lot of information out there concerning the best time to be on the water fishing. There are various “apps”, books, and subscriptions that show you the most likely times that fish will be feeding, thus showing you the best fishing times. The problem with most of these solutions to determining the best fishing times is that they cost money, in some cases quite a lot of money. While many of these products are effective and are useful tools at helping you to determine the best time to be on the water fishing, for most anglers they simply aren’t necessary.

When it comes to determining the best fishing times all you have to do is look to Mother Nature. In this article I will outline the two aspects of Mother Nature that should be focused on, then with a little bit of study (an hour or less is probably enough) you can learn how to figure out when fish will more than likely be active, thus making the them much more likely to bite your offering.

So, what is it about Mother Nature that you need to know to determine the best fishing times? To determine the best times to be on the water fishing you need to pay attention to two specific aspects of Mother Nature, the weather and the moon. These two natural forces have an incredible impact on the activity level (and thus feeding level) of fish. The bottom line is that just being on the water when one of these forces of Mother Nature in your favor will make an incredible difference in the amount of fishing success you experience.

Let’s start with the weather. The weather and what it is doing has an amazing impact on the activity level of fish. This has to do with the air pressure and how it relates to the fish under the water. You see, fish detect pressure changes through their lateral lines, and their behavior changes in relation to any pressure changes that might be taking place. Understanding the simple rules about how high and low pressure systems and weather changes mean pressure changes goes a long way in determining the best fishing times.

The next aspect of Mother Nature to pay attention to is the moon, or more specifically what phase the moon is in at the time that you are going fishing. The two phases of the moon that we as fishermen need to pay attention to are the new and full moon phases. Fishing will almost always be more productive during these phases of the moon. I realize that this may sound strange, but it’s nonetheless true. The bottom line is that determining the best time to be on the water fishing isn’t that difficult for the average angler. A little bit of study concerning the weather and moon and the simple ways in which they impact fish behavior will go a long way to helping you determine the best fishing times.

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