Fishing for Trout : 3 Pieces of Trout Fishing Gear Every Trout Fisherman Should Use

When it comes to fishing for trout there is certain gear that every trout fisherman should use and many times don’t. In this article I’ll list the 3 pieces of trout fishing gear that every fisherman should use, and reasons why this is the case. There are many trout anglers who choose not to use these important pieces of trout fishing gear and it costs them.

Using the proper gear can make a big difference in not only the number and size of fish caught, but also in the amount of wasted time on the water. In my 25 years of trout chasing experience I’ve found that the more efficient I am on the water, the more time that I spend with my line in the water where the trout are, rather that out of the water while I re-bait or re-tie. The bottom line is that you want to spend as much time as possible with your line in the water.

  • A Fishing Vest: A fishing vest is a “must have” item for trout fisherman. A vest is the best way to carry your trout fishing gear. This is especially true for any angler who spends time fishing for trout in rivers and streams. Many people think of fishing vests being for fly fisherman, but fishing vests are great for spin fishing as well. The many pockets are great for carrying all of your trout lures, baits, hook removers, extra line, etc. A fishing vest is a piece of trout fishing gear that every trout fisherman should use.
  • A Bait Bag: When fishing for these beautiful fish a bait bag is certainly a “must have” item. As a matter of fact a bait bag is a “must have” item for anyone who fishes in rivers and streams. When you fish in rivers and streams the time spent searching for your bait to bait in your waders or vest is significant. With a bait bag this problem is solved and your bait is always at your fingertips ready to be used. Having your bait hanging from your fishing vest waiting to be used is a huge time saver when fishing for trout.
  • Retractor w/ Snippers Attached: Having a retractor with a pair of small snippers attached is integral to saving time when trout fishing. A pair of line snippers (I use nail clippers) makes tying up and re-tying much faster. When I’m fishing for trout, I have to re-tie either trout lures or gang hooks quite often and having a pair of clippers hanging from my vest is a huge time saver. The clippers being on a retractor is great because the clippers can be used then simply released, and the retractor ‘zips’ the clippers right back up. Every trout angler should use a retractor with a pair of snippers attached.

If any of the above pieces of gear aren’t a part of your trout fishing repertoire they should be added sooner, rather than later. Every one of these pieces of fishing gear will make anyone a much more efficient and effective trout angler. Fishing for trout, especially in small rivers and streams, will never be the same with the addition of this gear.

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