How to Choose Your Next Heavy Duty Backpack

If you are one of the hikers who are not afraid of a few days of walking on little known paths, you should be fully aware of the importance of buying a reliable and versatile heavy duty backpack.

It depends on many factors, including the difficulty of hiking and duration of your trip. Of course, price is an important aspect, but you should be prepared to spend some good money on a heavy duty hiking bag that won’t leave you hanging in the middle of the road. The entire trip depends on it, and a bad backpack might lead to back problems and even worse.

Currently, you can find many models, some of them even specialized for cycling or light hiking trips. It is why you should consider many aspects. Differences are diverse, especially if it is the first one you buy, and some of them can’t be spotted just by looking at them.

Storing capacity

A heavy duty backpack has a volume. This means its capacity is calculated in liters, and this is the first thing to consider when you are assessing the price. It is why there are many variations when it comes to the capacity of the backpack, depending on the average duration of your hiking trips.

If we are talking about a one day hiking, in which you don’t sleep in a tent, then a big backpack of more than 30 liters will only be a burden. 20 liters is ideal for less complex hiking without camping.

If you are planning a longer trip, you will need at least 50 or even 70 liters if you are the one carrying the tent. Besides this, you need space for clothes, food, equipment and sleeping for the sleeping bag.


An important aspect to consider is your own body. A reliable backpack has to be suited on your body dimensions, even if it is a heavy duty one. The majority of the straps have to be adjusted, and the maximum height should be the exact length of your spine.

You can find men’s and women’s heavy duty backpacks. If you are looking for a men’s one, a version with a solid back width is recommended, while a narrow one is more suited for women.

There are many options for this. A good material for a heavy duty backpack has to be impermeable, resistant to abrasions, ruptures and…to the sun. Even with all these requests, the material has to be thin and light.


Rain is one if the biggest problems of hikers, and even if the material is impermeable, a heavy rainfall will get to everything in the bag, so a protection cover is more than needed. Some models have it built inside the main compartment.

Zippers are for small backpacks, while the ones with a lace are more resistant. One with a lid and that closes with laces is the most suited for long trips. Of course, you will also need many pockets for all the things needed by a professional hiker.

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