3 Odd Yet Useful Things to Bring Camping

Who would have thought that these citrus fruits would be useful in camping situations? Last year while camping, a bag of lemons came in use at least three times within a day with my girlfriend. First, we went swimming in a river and my girlfriend rubbed some lemon juice in her hair to help get natural highlights. We also cut up lemons to put in ice water to keep hydrated. Hydration is incredibly important while camping. Soda, alcohol and other various drinks actual prevent hydration, but lemons don’t. Putting them in water creates a very refreshing summer beverage and offers natural sugars that your body needs. Lastly, I got sprayed by a skunk at night. I tried several remedies to get rid of the smell, but it wasn’t until someone suggested lemon juice that the smell started to fade. I cut up lemons and scrubbed myself with the chunks, and the smell was gone in less than an hour. The acid broke down the chemical compounds of the skunk spray. So lemons can be used for nutritional purposes, can aid in highlighting hair and can also conquer skunk spray.

Inflatable Rafts 
On a much more fortunate camping trip last summer, my girlfriend and I bought two inflatable rafts from a dollar store. We used them every day for swimming in the lake we were near. Since they were only a dollar, we didn’t have to worry too much about keeping them perfect and folding them up perfectly for the next trip. They were basically disposable. However, we ended using them as mattresses to sleep on as well. This infers that buying the long flat rafts would work best. They may not be as comfortable as sleeping on a memory foam mattress, but they are way better than sleeping on rocks and tree roots. Plus, they are incredibly cheap and fun!

Petroleum Jelly 
This greasy stuff can really come in handy in many situations. Putting it on a piece of cloth, paper or leaves turns them into improved fire starters. The vaseline catches easy and stays lit for a long time, which leaves plenty of time to spread to the rest of the fire. It can also serve as a salve for burns, cuts, bites, etc. It keeps wounds clean, which promotes faster healing. Lastly, since it’s a grease, you can use it as a water-proofer on clothes, shoes, tents, you name it. Petroleum Jelly will help repel water. When you’re out in the wild, water can really wreck havoc on your camping trip.

What are some things you like to bring when you’re camping? Comment below!

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