Sportbike Freestyle Stunt Riding: Does This Budding Extreme Sport Deserve a Spot in the X-Games?

Anyone who has dared to straddle a sportbike and open the throttle can identify with the thrill of life on two wheels. Today’s standard motorcycles are faster than ever and equally as exhilarating; able to reach speeds in excess of 150 mph with a simple twist of the wrist. Amongst the ranks of sportbike fanatics, is an elite group of extreme athletes who have manged to turn their daredevil tendencies into a blossoming new sport – freestyle stunt riding. A combination of skilled riding, acrobatics and out-right insanity is what appeals to fans of this new sport.

Jason Britton Introduces Sportbike Freestyle Stunt Riding to the World

Jason Britton, arguably the modern-day pioneer of sportbike freestyle, has given the sport international acclaim by displaying his skills on Superbikes, a popular television show that is aired on SPEED TV. Jason and his crew, Team No Limit, have performed stunt shows all over the world and the crowds continue to grow with each performance. It is nothing less than amazing to witness what these guys can do on a motorcycle; wheelies, burn-outs, and stoppies are just a few of the mind-blowing stunts in the arsenal of the average freestyle stunt rider. Without a doubt, this is an extreme sport in every sense of the word. Extremely exciting to watch, extremely dangerous for untrained amateurs and extremely controversial.

Are the X-Games Ready For Sportbike Freestyle?

Proponents of the sport have recently launched a campaign to have the sport included in the lineup of the the well-know X-Games series, but so far, to no avail. One of the major setbacks for freestyle stunt riding is it’s renegade pedigree. Due to an initial lack of official organization, many of the early masters of the art of sportbike freestyle had to fine tune their skill on public roads, much to the chagrin of law enforcement. Not unlike many young skateboarders who were often shunned from public parks and city streets, sportbike freestyle stunt riders have had their share of run-ins with authority. However, the level of danger is exponentially higher for a kid who wants to practice high-speed wheelies on a crowded freeway, as opposed to a young skater practicing kick flips and grinds on a street curb.


Growing Pains Mean That You are Indeed Growing

Just like any budding phenomenon, the sport of freestyle stunt riding has had it’s share of growing pains, but the sport is growing rapidly nonetheless. Organized competitions like the XDL Freestyle Championships have help to lend credibility the sport in the eyes of certain governing bodies, and at the same time, opened the eyes of the motorcycle industry to the huge marketability of some of the sport’s rising stars. Is the X-games ready for a new kid on the block? All signs indicate that the time is right for a fresh face on the extreme scene and sportbike freestyle appears to be the ideal candidate.

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