4 Reasons How Dubai Marina beats the Creek

For individuals already putting up in Dubai visiting cruise is nothing new.They probably might have visited it decades ago. However, for tourists who are lately planning to visit Dubaimust be confused between visiting Creeks or Dhow cruise Dubai. While Creek is a historic cruise which takes you through older and historic portions of Dubai, Dhow cruise at Dubai Marinais an innovative form of cruise which takes you through New Dubai.Thepost below highlight the facts as to how Dhow Cruise is better in comparison to Creek and help you make the right choice.

Sights and Views

While Creek has its own specialty and charm, but the experience and views it offers to the visitors is limited. The area in which boats are allowed to sail in Creek is also limited, and it does not offers visitors much to see and admire. While sailing on the Deira side, there are some buildings which are too outdated and did not qualify to be a part of history. The only part which is worth visiting during Creek cruise is the historical portion of Dubai i.e. where the promenade ends. This is a historical area and for a moment it takes you away from the noise of crowded city and modern times.

On the other hand if we talk about Dubai Marina, it is a new construction and has a lot to offer in terms of modern and architectural elements. While travelling through Dubai Marina, there is promenade on both the sides, where people can go for walk or spend some quality time sitting in outdoor cafes and restaurants. Moreover, crossing through bridges with cars and trams running over is also an amazing experience which is completely worth living. Skyline of new Dubai seems quite fascinating during the night, and it can be comfortably viewed if you choose to sail on Dhow cruise Dubai.


Quality of Cruise

If we talk in terms of money, undoubtedly opting for Creek is a much affordable option in comparison to Dubai Marina. The cost of Dubai Marina is almost the double of Creek, but every penny is completely worth especially if we compare it in the terms of service and quality offered to visitors. While you are in Dubai Marina, you can expect to avail best catering and hospitality services which is otherwise missing in case of Creek. The extra cost chargeable at cruise is the charge for quality of services, which most of the visitors would prefer to pay to have a luxurious and comfortable experience.


Residents who have been putting up in Dubai for many years now, might have already visited Creek and would not want to experience it all over again. For them Dhow Dubai Marina is going to be a completely new experience which shall bring in new memories in their life. If we talk about guests or visitors coming to Dubai, they would also be interested in watching something new, innovative and better in comparison to something which is a part of history and has nothing special to offer to the tourists.

Ambience of the Cruise

Creek has quite a normal sort of ambience, with traffic running on the sides of cruise and barges going to the port. On the other hand if we talk about Dubai Marina, it has a completely different atmosphere which is full of enjoyment and serves visitors with leisure vessels like private yachts, smaller fishing boats and also dhows. The architecture of Dubai Marina has been made considering modern needs of visitors, however if we talk about Creek it is the creation of old times which restores history and has nothing new to offer to people visiting the place.

The Bottom Line

From the facts mentioned above it is well evident that the recent creation Dubai Marina is better in almost every way than Creek and should be considered for visiting while you are in Dubai. Also for residents who have been living in the city for long and have not yet visited Dhow cruise Dubai, they must book the tickets now and plan travel to this beautiful place along with family and friends.Once you have decided to opt for Dhow Dubai Marina, you will get the chance to see New Dubai, which embraces within itself new and modern creations of the city.