The little country of Nepal in Asia holds a treasure cove of things to do and see

The little country of Nepal in Asia holds a treasure cove of things to do and see. Because of this, the photographic elements are endless. This is why travel agencies are now offering a Nepal photography tour. With this tour, you would have a focus on both photography and touring. It is a little bit differently structured than your normal holiday tour. This is because concessions are made for photographing along the way. A lot of factors affect the taking of good pictures. Autumn, between September and November is the best time to visit Nepal. Most Nepal photography tour packages are catered for this time. The weather is lovey and warm and although autumn, the greenery starts to set in. Natural light must be taken advantage of for the best pictures, which is why certain tours are left for the night. Mind you, photography is still practiced at this time also.

It is not just the landscape of Nepal which provides an excellent canvas to work with but all of the little elements which bring out the uniqueness of the country. Traditional Tibetan dancers for instance make for great photos and honing your skills is evident when you take in the colourful attire and intricate movements. You would not only get to witness the rituals of worshipers at the many temples visited on the Nepal photography tour, but also the opportunity to photograph them.


It’s also the experiences on the Nepal photography tour which make for a fun trip. Depending on the type of tour you book into, say an adventure based tour, you would have the opportunity to climb up a fair bit of Mount Everest. Just an amount that will allow you to access a good vantage point to photo a sunrise and sunset. It is sure to be a spiritually awakening moment to spend some time on this mighty mountain, taking in the fresh air and just socializing with fellow members of the tour while enjoying a picnic. Along with all of the sights seen on the Nepal photography tour, none of the experiences will come close to having a critically acclaimed photographer come along on the journey with you and show you the secrets of the trade in taking remarkable quality photos.

Setting aside all of the allure of this exotic land, most people book into the Nepal photography tour just for the guide. This is why it is essential to go with a reputable tour company who always endeavour to have an internationally famed photographer lead their expeditions. Their role on the tour is twofold. First of all, they take lead in keeping the Nepal photography tour group together and ensuring that the predetermined schedule is adhered to. Second of all, it to lead the photography workshops. At each stop on the Nepal photography tour, there will be a little workshop held at the hotel or campsite. Here the guide will detail out photography lessons which will then immediately be applied when the group heads on out for the days excursion.