The Chile birding tour has been crafted to include all of the aspects that this South American country is famed for but to keep its focus on birds

For a truly varied birding tour, birders need to look no further than the Chile birding tour. This one of a kind experience will leave more than just birding memories. The Chile birding tour has been crafted to include all of the aspects that this South American country is famed for but to keep its focus on birds. Usually you would book into the tour at the beginning of the year, when tour companies place their itineraries out to the public. Once you have booked your spot for the Chile birding tour and it is confirmed, you would have to book your flight to the country. This is not included in the travel package deal, seeing as people will be coming in from around the world, making it very difficult to come up with a standard pricing. The travel company from which you book your Chile birding tour though, will be more than happy to cross reference flights on your behalf and suggest a few for you. This would be results pertaining to the cheapest option or the fastest.


The final choice is up to you. This is all the work you have to do to get on board the Chile birding tour. When the time arrives for the trip, please pack wisely. Chile is notoriously warm and humid. Chile birding tour dates are planned for the cooler parts of the year, yet it still remains quite harsh. Remember to bring along other essentials as well but do not over pack as you will be travelling constantly and do not want to be stuck lugging around a heavy bag. All of the travel on the Chile birding tour is done in Jeep type vehicles which are additionally modified to handle all of the rough outdoor terrain which will be encountered during the trip. At each location, guests will get to stay in lodges and then venture out during the day for the main attraction of the Chile birding tour to be enjoyed.

This is mostly done during the early morning hours when birds are at their most social. Intervals are taken throughout the day for meals and other sightseeing opportunities. Travel between cities are done towards the later hours of the afternoon. Nocturnal birding is done a few nights of the Chile birding tour. This is time catered to get in some bird watching of species such as the Santiago and Huet Owl species. These fascinating creatures are only found in certain regions of Chile. Dozens more endemic species will be encountered during the daylight hours of the Chile birding tour. Most birders like to take their time with each new bird they spot and even do a bit of sketching. While a decent amount of time is given to each species seen on the Chile birding tour, one must remember that there is a schedule to be adhered to. A camera should be brought along to capture images if need be, so that the process is quickened. Flashes are a big no as they will scare the birds off.